Driver Intelligence Database

Benefits of DiDb membership

Consistent assessment

Only worthy, honest drivers can be included in the DiDb

Independent evaluation

Clients will rate your performance first hand immediately after completing the shipments

Rapid identification

Easier and faster personal identification when entering and exiting the premises


As a DiDb member, you can more easily prove your professional background, which can also come in handy when changing jobs.

DiDb registration


A minimum of 2 valid documents and a moral certificate not older than 3 months are required to submit your registration application, which DiDb registration offices or points, you can make arrangements in person.

data collection

After having checked all the documents presented by you personally, your personal data, documents, as well as your photo taken on site will be recorded directly into the online database.


Depending on the registration you choose, you will either receive a personalized DiDb card or a registration code that you can use to activate your e-card in the SECTRAN DiDb mobile application


Your DiDb membership will only be approved if you have met all the registration requirements and passed the background check based on SECTRAN assessment. We will notify you on the decision via SMS

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