Driver Intelligence Database


Membership validation

DiDb membership validation is a security update procedure that must be fulfilled by all DiDb drivers every second/two years. The periodic membership validation means a free of charge but obligatory renewal of the membership with updating all personal data and personal documents stored in DiDb system. Therefore a new identification photo will be taken moreover the new – not older than 3 months – criminal record document shall be submitted by the driver at any of the DiDb Registration Offices.
In case of failing or dismissing the membership validation, the status of the driver in the system automatically changes from ‘Approved’ to ‘Invalid’. Upon performing the requirements of the validation the driver gains back the ‘Approved’ status.

Please pay attention to the expiry of your DiDb membership because after the expiration 20 EUR +VAT will be charged for the renewal.

Keep your DiDb card, because you won’t be provided by a new one, just your membership will be prolonged by an additional 2 years.


Based on the guidelines of “Description of Data Control in the DiDb system” guidebook, the deadline for data control for your personal data is 2+2 years. This means that in case you dismiss to validate your membership, and you don’t fulfil this obligation in the next two years, your DiDb status automatically becomes passive and your data stored in the system as well as your DiDb card will be deleted.

In case a driver with passive status aims to be the member of the sytem again, he/she has to reactivate his/her membership. It means that you will get back your original DiDb identifier, your collected points/stars but all your personal data shall be uploaded again. In case of reactivation, you’ll get a new card.

Service fees connected to DiDb membership

SERVICE Listing price (net)
Membership validation (before expiration) for free
Membership validation (after expiration) 20 EUR
Express membership validation (within 2 hours) 30 EUR
Reactivation  30 EUR
Express reactivation (within 2 hours) 40 EUR
Express administration (within 2 hours) 10 EUR

Card replacement

12 EUR


Net prices, VAT is not included.



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