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In April 2007, a truck took off from the site of a multinational company fully loaded with mobile phones in the value of 130.000 EUR.

This truck never reached its destination and the cargo disappeared.

The driver’s story was that the perpetrators forced him to hand over the truck, tied him up, and left him at the side of the road. During the internal investigation, it was exposed that the driver colluded with the criminal gang, therefore his name was added to the local black list of the company and was irrevocably banned from the site of the manufacturer.

A couple of months later a truck left the premises of another multinational company producing LCD TVs, but at the destination point in the Netherlands, 14 pallets were counted missing.

During the investigation it turned out that in both cases, not only the LSP but the carrier and the driver were also the same. The case was reported to the police, but until the final judgement was made (which could take several years) the driver could easily continue working.

In another case, a driver, who took active part in the theft of a load of high value SD-cards, although he was immediately fired by his employer after the incident-– making use of the possibilities of the Eastern and Central European driver shortage – found a job easily at a different carrier, where he also caused several thousand Euro damage.

If at the time a common database had been available for the above mentioned companies, then in the possession of the relevant information, these affected companies could have protected themselves from the bad boys who caused damage in other locations.

Our aim is to give effective support to our clients by eliminating the risk associated with human factor, and thus remarkably reducing their driver related risks and losses.

SECTRAN is an active member of the international association of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) that is the vanguard in fighting against cargo-related crimes. As the member of TAPA, SECTRAN is one of the logistics security service providers that has the widest possible visibility over cargo and transportation security trends as well as the latest challenges to be expected in the future.