Driver Intelligence Database


Frequently asked questions about DiDb membership


1. How do I register and what are the requirements for the registration?

A personal appearance at the place of registration is essential.

To have a successful registration, you will need:

  • ID card
  • driver license
  • passport (if you have one)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct, not older than 3 months

We need an original copy of the documents listed, we cannot accept a photocopy. The expiration date of the documents is recorded on site and cannot be less than 31 days. It is also necessary to fill in, accept and sign the forms of ’Membership Declaration’ and ’Information on Data Control’. We will also take a high resolution photo of you on site. The administration takes approx. 15 minutes. If we do not have a separate agreement with your employer, the registration fee must be paid in cash on the spot.

2. When and how do I get a DiDb card?

The data uploading, data processing and handover of DiDb card take place in the registration office.

We perform the background check of the uploaded documents and data, as well as the assessment of the application in the central office of SECTRAN.

Complete registration applications submitted on weekdays, between 8:00 and 16:00 will be processed within a maximum of 2 hours.

The driver will be notified of the decision via the mobile phone that was provided during the registration process.

The DiDb card is only suitable for loading if the registration application has been approved by our central office, however, the driver will also receive an SMS notification if his / her registration application is rejected on the basis of the submitted documents and data. In this case, the driver does not have the possibility for loading the cargo within the DiDb system.

3. How much does it cost to become a DiDb member?

One-time cost of registration is 40 EUR + VAT (if applicable)

4. What are the important rules about the appropriate usage of the card?

DiDb card shall be used in a proper way, i.e. protecting it from light, heat, mechanical injury, and other external impacts. SECTRAN assumes no liability for damages resulting from improper use. Driver is obliged to report loss, theft or damage of the DiDb card within 72 hours. A fee is charged for the issue of a new card.

5. What are the important rules about my DiDb membership?

The condition of maintaining DiDb membership is to validate it every two years, which may be done at any of the registration offices. Membership validation includes data update, taking of a new photograph and submission of a new clean criminal record certificate (not older than 3 months). In case of failing to meet obligatory requirement of membership validation your status shall become invalid on the day following the deadline.

The exact deadline for membership validation can be determined out of the last 6 digits of the your DiDb card number. Those six digits define the date of entry into the system (year/month, yyyymm), and membership validation shall be implemented compared to that in every 2 years (no later than the last day of a given month). Membership validation may be implemented at the earliest on the 90th day prior to date of expiry.

Membership validation implemented within deadline is free of charge, but a fee is charged for renewal of an invalid membership. When renewing the membership, you will not receive a new card.

Based on the guidelines of “Manual of Data Control in the DiDb system” guidebook, the deadline of the storage and control of the personal data is 2+2 years. This means that in case you dismiss to validate your membership, and you don’t fulfil this obligation in the next two years, your DiDb status automatically becomes passive and your data stored in the system as well as your DiDb card will be deleted.

6. What is the process of DiDb card checking?

Your DiDb card will be checked prior to loading at our client’s site. Please put your card on the card reader and type your 4-digit PIN code. By this method, you give your permission for the operator to get access to your profile – included your personal data – where your DiDb status can be checked.

7. How can my DiDb status change in the DiDb system?

The DiDb status is the most important indicator of your membership. There are 3 possible DiDb statuses in the system that can become transparent during your card checking process:

  • approved » green indicates that in the moment of the DiDb card check there hasn’t been any complaints about your performance so far. Practically it means that you successfully accomplished all the transport assignments for the users of DiDb. The loading is allowed.
  • suspended » yellow warns to the fact that an issue has been reported by one of the users and the investigation is still going on. You can get the permission to load only at client’s own liability.
  • banned » the red sign means that the driver’s DiDb card has been deleted as a consequence of one of the next reasons: proven involvement in an incident reported by a user, lost or stolen card. In this status, the driver doesn’t get any transport assignment in the DiDb system anymore.

Based on privacy stiplulations, in case of banned status, the driver’s profile can not be opened by the operator, only a system message will be generated during the card checking process (non-certified by DiDb). No any information is provided about the reasons of exclusion.

8. What rules shall be followed in connection with the establishment and maintenance of DiDb membership?

During the procedure of DiDb registration and membership validation, you will get to know and accept the rules of “DiDb System-User’s Manual” and “Manual of data control in DiDb system”. By signing the form of Membership declaration or the Membership continuance declaration, as well as the Information on data control form, you will declare that all rules and regulations are binding to you. These documents can be also read and downloaded on

9. What do I have to know about the incidents reported in DiDb system?

Incident is an event which assumes the violation of safe transportation regulations and/or the instructions related to the assignment as well as all intentional or negligent action that causes or is intended to cause financial damage to any of the parties involved in the carriage assignment.
The acceptance of the Incident Management Rules of DiDb system is a fundamental requirement for all drivers having membership in the database of DiDb. The document can be downloaded on


Frequently asked questions about privacy

1. For what purpose the Sectran Ltd. processes my data?

The purpose of data control is the operation of the DiDb system and displaying and registering data subject drivers in the DiDb system. Sectran Ltd. may control personal data exclusively for a specific purpose to realise rights and fulfil obligations. Personal data may only be controlled to the extent and for the space of time required for this purpose only with the prior consent of the data subject or on the grounds of authorisation by law. The employees of Sectran Ltd.’s organisational units controlling personal data and the employees of other organisations taking part in data control based on the authority of Sectran Ltd. must keep all personal data disclosed to them as business secret as well as must sign a “Confidentiality Agreement”. In order to keep the legal regulations described above, the organisational measures and proceedings carried out by the company are described in the “Manual of Data Control in the DiDb System” guidebook, which is an inseparable addendum of the Membership Declaration concerning the subject of the database service.

2. What kind of personal data are processed by the Sectran Ltd.?

Data controlled in DiDb system: Name, birthname, place of birth, date of birth, citizenship, mother’s name or father’s name, photo, home address, postal address, invoicing data, phone number(s), email address, native language, spoken language(s), expiry date of personal ID, expiry date of medical certificate of driving license, expiry date of passport, data of Certificate of good conduct (CR) – issue date, issuing authority,registration number and request identifier, name and address of workplace, name and address of the invoice payer, type of qualifications and trainings connected to the transportation, date of issue and expiry date of these qualifications and trainings, data connected to an extraordinary event happened during the fulfilment of transport assignment

3. Who can get access to my personal data?

Personal data of data subjects shall be available – in addition the employees of the Sectran Ltd. – in limited form, strictly and solely to contractual partners (data processors) of Sectran Ltd. Personal data stored in the DiDb system are transferred electronically, which were provided by the data subject on a voluntary basis during the registration process.

The following data may be disclosed to the operator in the DiDb system:

  • Status of DiDb card (valid/deleted)
  • Validity of DiDb membership (valid, vaid but with expired personal docs,invalid)
  • In case of valid membership: DiDb status recorded in DiDb system
  • for driver’s identification: name, place and date of birth, mother’s or father’s name, high res. photo, expiry date of personal ID, expiry date of medical certificate of driving license, expiry date of passport,
  • DiDb card number
  • Date of DiDb registration
  • transports loaded last week
  • DiDb qualifications obtained so far (points/stars)
  • data of qualifications and trainings connected to transportation, carried out by the driver

The operator may identify the driver arriving for a freight on the basis of these data, and compare him/her with the person registered in the system on the basis of the documents handed over on the site. Data control shall be effected during the existence of the contractual legal relationship, or until the data subject’s request for deletion is fulfilled.

4. What to do when I need information about the scope of my data under control or when I decide to delete my personal data from the DiDb system?

You may request information on control of your personal data. Upon request, Sectran Ltd, as the data controller shall inform the data subject on the purpose, legal basis, duration, and activities related to data control, as well as the details of data transfer. Data subject may request information on control of his personal data – in other time than mentioned above – by submitting the “Request for information of controlled personal data” document by post in written form to the address of Sectran Ltd. (H-1033 Budapest, Sezentendrei út 89-93.). Sectran Ltd. shall respond in writing in the shortest time possible from receipt of the request, but not later than 15 days. Data subject may request deletion of his personal data by submitting the “Request for deletion of personal data” document by post in written form to the address mentioned above. Data controller shall delete all data of the data subject from the system with final effect. Deletion from the DiDb system entails the obligation of returning the DiDb card to Sectran Ltd. Deleted driver may not be registered again in the system.

5. What guarantees the safety of my processed data?

Sectran Ltd. applies the following measures for the security of paper-based personal data:

  • the data may be accessed by authorised personnel only and may not be disclosed to any other third party;
  • the documentation is kept in a locked and dry room equipped with a fire- and property protection device;
  • actively controlled documents may only be accessed by authorised personnel;
  • Sectran Ltd.’s employees may only leave the room where data control is performed after locking up the data carrier or locking the door of the room; –
  • when data controlling is finished, Sectran Ltd.’s employee must lock up the paper-based data carrier;
  • should the data controlled on paper be digitalised, Sectran Ltd.’s rules for digitally stored documents become applicable.

Sectram Ltd. applies and guarantees the following measures for the security of personal data stored on computers or the network:

  • the computers used during data control are owned by the company or the company holds proprietorship that complies with the full ownership of the device;
  • data stored on the computers may only be accessed with a valid, personal and identifiable permission – at least a username and a password – and Sectran Ltd. makes sure that the passwords are regularly changed;
  • every computer record is traceable and stored in a log file;
  • data stored on network servers (servers) may only be accessed with the necessary permissions and by appointed personnel;
  • should the objective of data control be carried out and the time-limit of data control is over, the file containing the data is irrevocably deleted and the data is unrecoverable;