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Frequently asked questions about DiDb membership

You can submit your registration or membership renewal application in person at any of our DiDb registration offices or, if your employer has contracted with SECTRAN for e-membership management services, you can start the process through your carrier.

DiDb registration offices:

There are currently 4 types of registration services available:

  • physical card registration at a DiDb office – in this case, a Sectran registration administrator records the data from the driver in person, and a physical DiDb card is issued after the service is completed
  • e-card registration requested at the DiDb office – in this case, the data is also uploaded by a Sectran registration administrator directly into the system based on the data and information received from the driver, but at the end of the process, the online DiDb e-card can be activated by logging into the Sectran DiDb application
  • Physical card registration performed by the carrier - in this service, the carrier uploads the driver's data to the DiDb system. No physical card is issued at the end of the process, but it can be picked up free of charge at the hungarian or slovakian DiDb office after the service.
  • E-card registration performed by the carrier – again, the driver’s data is uploaded by the carrier, and the e-card can be activated by logging into the Sectran DiDb application after the service.

The steps of each registration process can be found here:

For successful registration and membership management you need

  • identity card and/or passport
  • driving licence

The validity period of the documents presented must not have expired, and one of them must be valid for at least 31 days.

  • – A Certificate of Good Conduct not older than 3 months (can be requested at the DiDb registration office)
  • – a portrait photo is uploaded during the service. This can either be taken by a Sectran registration administrator at the registration office, or by the carrier’s operator at the carrier’s site, or sent as a selfie to the carrier’s operator.
  • – smartphone in case of e-card services

If the data processing takes place in a DiDb registration office and the chosen service is a physical card service, the DiDb card will be issued on the spot.

In the case of DiDb office registration with e-card, the e-card can be activated by logging into the Sectran DiDb application (in this case no physical/plastic card is issued).

After the physical card registration by the carrier, the DiDb card can be picked up free of charge at any DiDb office. ( the carrier can not issue a card)

For e-card registration by a carrier, the e-card must be activated using the Sectran DiDb application in the same way as for DiDb office e-card registration.

When renewing a membership with a physical card, neither another DiDb number nor a DiDb card will be issued, only the data will be updated in the database.

In the same way, renewing membership with an e-card, the e-card must be activated using the Sectran DiDb app.

Completed registration applications submitted on weekdays 8:00-17:30 (on Fridays 8:00 to 16:00) are processed within 2 hours.

The driver will be notified of the decision by SMS to the phone number provided during the service.

The DiDb card is only suitable for loading if the application has been approved by our central office,however, we will send an SMS notification even if the application is rejected on the basis of the documents and data submitted. In this case, there is no possibility for loading the cargo within the DiDb system.

A Certificate of Good Conduct is not a prerequisite for using the registration or membership renewal service, it can be uploaded later. However, we can only assess a membership renewal service if a criminal record is available.

The condition for approval of DiDb membership is a criminal record, which drivers can prove with a non-registration official moral certificate. The document proving a criminal record can be requested from the authorities of the country of citizenship or from the embassy in another country.












The physical DiDb card must be protected from light, heat, mechanical damage and other external influences! SECTRAN Ltd. shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the loss or misuse of the card and shall charge a replacement fee.

DiDb membership must be renewed every 2 years. The deadline for membership renewal is calculated on the basis of the last 6 digits of the DiDb physical card, which indicate the date of registration (yyyy/mm), after which membership renewal must be arranged no later than 2 years later.

If you have a DiDb e-card, the exact membership expiration date can be seen in the Sectran DiDb application.

In the case of that the driver fails or refuses the compulsory renewal of the membership, his/her membership in the DiDb system will become “Invalid” and he/she will no longer be able to use the DiDb card for identification and loading purposes. Upon successful completion of the membership renewal requirements, the driver will receive an approved, valid DiDb membership. Upon renewal, the driver will not receive a new DiDb number or a new physical card, the actual can continue to be used for both identification and loading.

In the case of a renewal of a membership with a physical card, if the card is missing, a replacement card will be issued at a cost, so it is always worth using the cardfor services, even if the membership is no longer valid.

The DiDb card is checked at the customer’s site, typically before loading.

The physical card must be put on the DiDb card reader and the 4-digit PIN code -provided during the registration -must be entered. Then the driver’s data sheet becomes visible to the operator, on which personal data can be checked, as well as the status recorded in the DiDb system.

For identification with E-card a nine-digit DiDb PassCode generated in a mobile application will be required, after which the driver data sheet will be available.

DiDb status is the most important information about membership.

approved “all the requirements for becoming a DiDb member have been met and up to the moment of the card check, not a single complaint was raised by the users about the driver’s performance, i.e. all the transport tasks were carried out reliably and successfully. The start of carriage is authorised in the DiDb system.

suspended “warning that a user has raised an objection to the driver’s performance and his involvement in the reported incident is unclear. The start of carriage is at the user’s own risk.

prohibited “in this case the DiDb card or the driver’s membership will be cancelled for one of the following reasons:

-proven involvement in an incident reported by a user

-stolen or lost card.

refused “the driver was unable to comply with the contractual conditions imposed (e.g. in the case of a Certificate of Good Conduct submission)

Taking into account data protection regulations, in the case of a banned and refused DiDb status, the driver’s data sheet stored in the DiDb system cannot be viewed, the system will only send a “DiDb without authentication” message to the users. No information or reason for the ban/refusal will be disclosed.

When registering and/or renewing a membership with a physical card, the driver acknowledges and accepts the provisions of the DiDb system user manual and the DiDb system data management manual. By signing the Membership Declaration or Membership Continuance Declaration and the Information on Data Control, he/she accepts and is bound by the contents and provisions of all the documents listed above. The listed documents can also be downloaded and read at

After registering/renewing an e-card membership, the driver will be informed of and accept in the Sectran application the document called Terms of contract for drivers on establishing and maintaining membership in the DiDb database, as well as the related rules. The documents listed can also be downloaded and read at

An incident is any event related to a transport task that assumes the violation of the safe transport regulations and/or non-compliance with the instructions for the work task by the driver, as well as any intentional or negligent behaviour of the driver that causes or is intended to cause material damage to the parties involved in the carriage of goods. A basic requirement for the driver in the DiDb database is to accept the Incident Management Rules of DiDb system, which can be downloaded from


Frequently asked questions about data protection

The purpose of data management is the operation of the DiDb system and the display and inclusion of the driver concerned in the DiDb system.

Sectran Kft. processes personal data only for a specific purpose, in order to exercise a right and fulfill an obligation, to the minimum extent and for the time necessary to achieve the purpose, solely on the basis of the prior consent of the person concerned or the law or legal authorization. Employees performing data management at the company's organizational units and employees of organizations participating in data management on behalf of Sectran Kft., performing any of its operations, are obliged to keep the personal data they learn as a business secret. The organizational measures and procedures taken in order to comply with the legal provisions described above are contained in the documents "DiDb System User Manual" and "DiDb system e-card user and data management manual” which are available at


The scope of data managed in the DiDb system:

Name, name at birth, place of birth, date of birth, nationality, mother’s name or father’s name, telephone number, e-mail address, contact language, photograph, address, mailing address, billing address, ID card number and expiry date, driving licence number and expiry date of medical fitness, passport number and expiry date, Certificate of Good Conduct and the data appearing on it (date of issue of certificate, name of issuing authority, document number of certificate, application number of certificate), name and address of place of employment, type of other qualifications and training related to the transport of goods, date of issue and expiry date, data on extraordinary events related to the performance of the transport.

The data subjects’ data may only be disclosed to Sectran Ltd. or its contracted data processors, except to Sectran Ltd. employees, on a strict and limited basis.

The following data stored in the DiDb system will be transmitted electronically, based on the data subject’s voluntary consent:

-DiDb card status (valid/deleted)

-Validity of DiDb membership (valid/valid but with expired ID card/invalid),

-in the case of a valid membership: status recorded in the DiDb system (approved/suspended/rejected/prohibited),

-for the identification of the driver: name, place and date of birth, mother/father’s name, high-resolution photograph, identity card number and expiry date, driver’s license number and expiry date of medical fitness, passport number and expiry date

-DiDb card number,

-DiDb registration date

-freights in the last week

-DiDb ratings obtained so far (points and stars)

-data on qualifications, trainings and courses related to freight transport

This data allows the operator to identify the driver arriving to load and to compare him/her with the person recorded in the system on the basis of the documents provided on the spot.

Data processing lasts until the existence of the legal relationship, or until the cancellation request of the driver concerned is fulfilled.

The driver has the right to request information about the processing of personal data. When collecting personal data, and upon request, Sectran Ltd. as the data controller shall provide the data subject with information about the data it processes, the purpose, legal basis, duration and activities related to the processing, as well as the transfer of data. The data subject shall have the right to request information about the data processed, at any time other than the above, by submitting a written request for information on the personal data processed by submitting the “Request for information on the personal data processed” (see “Documents”) in writing to the address at 1033 Budapest, Szentendrei út 89-93. Sectran Ltd. will reply in writing within the shortest possible time from the receipt of the request, but not later than 15 days.

The data subject shall also submit his/her request for the deletion of his/her personal data in writing, using the “Request for the deletion of personal data” document (see “Documents”) to the above address.

The data controller permanently deletes the data subject from the system. Exiting the system entails the obligation to return the card. It is not possible to reinstate a canceled driver.

In order to ensure the security of electronically stored personal data, Sectran Ltd. applies the following measures and and guarantee elements:

-the computers used during data management are the property of Sectran Kft., or it has the same right as ownership over them

-the data on the computer can only be accessed with a valid, personal, identifiable authorization – at least with a username and password – passwords are regularly changed by Sectran Kft.

-all computer records of data are logged in a traceable way

-data stored on cloud-based, network server machines (servers) can only be accessed by authorised and designated persons

-if the purpose of data processing is achieved, the data file containing the data is irretrievably deleted, and the data cannot be recovered again

-the active data of the database containing personal data is backed up at regular intervals, the backup applies to the entire data file of the central server

-virus protection on the network that handles personal data is kept up to date

-we prevent network access by unauthorized persons with the available computing devices and their application.