Driver Intelligence Database

Confirm your reputation!

Benefits of DiDb membership

  • Consistent assessment

    Only a reliable driver is allowed to be the member of DiDb database

  • Independent evaluation

    Your professional performance is being constantly qualified by customers

  • Rapid identification

    Your identification can be proved at the site before loading on an easy way

  • Confirmed reputation

    With DiDb membership you can prove your competence that serves good in your employment.

DiDb registration

  • Personal appearance

    For starting the registration the presentation of 2 valid personal documents, CR not older than 3 months and other transport related qualifications is required to submit at any DiDb offices

  • Data recording

    After having checked the documents were presented personally, your data, papers, certifications and photo just taken are recorded into the database.

  • Card handover

    In case all registration documents are found valid, an addressed and PIN-protected DiDb card is handed over, that still can not be used for identification or loading

  • Background check

    DiDb membership will be given an approved status only, if all registration requirements have been fulfilled successfully and the applicant’s background has been also verified by SECTRAN. Your DiDb card is valid and active now.

Membership-related costs

Fee of DiDb registation is one-time, there are no further related costs.

Although extra cost will be charged in case of renewal or reactivation of expired membership, or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards.

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Discounts with DiDb card

Further benefit of DiDb membership is that drivers can get special discounts at cooperating partners.

  • Training courses for truck drivers, 5% discount
  • Heavy and light equipment operator course , 5% discount
  • Trucker webhop, 5% discount
  • Transport entrepreneur, basic and advanced professional courses, 5 % discount


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