Driver Intelligence Database

Membership management


General information and rules


DiDb membership must be renewed every two years. The due date can be calculated based on date of registration (year/month) indicated by the last 6 digits of the DiDb card number. If the driver does not meet the membership renewal conditions in time, his membership will become invalid!

Drivers can initiate membership renewal at the registration offices and points indicated under the driver registration menu item.

Drivers with a physical card can decide to switch to the e-card when using the membership renewal service. In this case, the physical card will be revoked at the same time as the membership renewal service.

During membership renewal, the driver’s personal data, photo and documents in the system will be updated. The rules for personal documents are the same as they are prescribed for registration.

In case of membership renewal, the driver will not receive a new membership number.

The existence of Certificate of Conduct is not a condition for using the membership renewal service, it can be submitted/uploaded later. However, please be informed that we can only evaluate the membership renewal application if the certificate has been submitted/uploaded.

Drivers with Hungarian citizenship can apply for a Certificate of Conduct at Hungarian registration offices for a fee.

If the driver fails to renew his membership, his DiDb membership becomes “Invalid”, so he can no longer use the DiDb card or e-card for personal identification and loading.


Membership renewal types



renewal type


is it available?

What data must

be updated or recorded?

Membership renewal within due date

if the driver’s membership is still valid but will expire in the next 3 months

A new photo is taken, and the data and documents in the system are updated

Membership renewal after due date

if the driver’s membership has already expired, but not more than 2 years ago


A new photo is taken, and the data and documents in the system are updated



if the driver’s membership has expired for more than 2 years

A new photo is taken, and due to data protection rules, it is necessary to record all data and documents again




The fees for different types of membership renewals differ significantly depending on the type of card and the way the service is used. Fees can be found in Prices menu.


Other services

Data modification


If any of the driver’s personal data or documents need to be modified, or his Certificate of Conduct for a pending service needs to be submitted, he can initiate this at the registration offices or at the registration points operated by the carriers.

Replacement card


In case of improper use or loss of the physical card, the driver can apply for a new card at the registration offices, in person. Membership renewal with a physical card should always be done with the card, otherwise a replacement card will be issued, which is subject to a fee.


Status explanations

Membership statuses

Membership validity statuses

not all data, which is necessary to become a DiDb member, is available

the driver fulfilled all the conditions for becoming a member of DiDb, so the evaluation of his application ended with approval. Freight pickup is only permitted for drivers with such membership at sites using the DiDb system.

an incident against the driver was reported by a customer using the DiDb system, and the investigation of circumstances and the involvement of the driver is still ongoing. The loading can only be permitted at the user’s own responsibility.


the driver’s membership has been banned due to proven involvement in a user-reported incident.



-the driver was unable to meet the prescribed membership conditions (e.g. due to a certificate of conduct with criminal records), but the application can be submitted again after the time specified during the assessment or

-in case of using the e-card service, the driver did not accept the contractual conditions in the application during the available 30 days, reactivation is required



the driver’s application for membership or membership renewal has been definitively rejected. Registration is not possible anymore.






during the registration, all mandatory data and documents were uploaded to the system, but the evaluation of the application cannot be started because the driver has not yet submitted a Certificate of Conduct. 


the evaluation of the driver’s membership application was completed positively and the validity of his membership is within the validity period (2 years).


the driver missed to fulfil the requirements for the membership renewal mnadatory every two years and therefore his DiDb membership expired.



all the driver’s documents in the DiDb system have expired.




-membership validity status of DiDb members whose membership has expired more than 2 years ago and who have not fulfilled the mandatory membership renewal requirements or

DiDb membership and all personal data of the driver was deleted from the system, at the driver’s own request.










Service fees connected to DiDb membership

Net prices, VAT is not included.



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