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Personal appearance

If you wish to be the DiDb member of our driver database, please visit any of our registration offices for applying membership. For more information about the locations and opening hours, please check “Offices” on the main page.

Basic requirements for the registration:

  • at least 2 valid, personal documents with more than 31 days to expiration
  • a certificate of good conduct with an issue date not older than 3 months

Please note, that we need the originals of the above listed documents, we do not accept photocopies. During the registration process, it is also required to sign both application forms (Membership declaration form and Information on Data Control form).
A high-resolution photo will be taken by our colleague on the spot. The registration procedure takes approx. 15 minutes.
The registration fee shall be paid in cash or by bank transfer (in case post payment was pre-agreed with your employer).

One-time payment for the registration: EUR 40 + VAT 
You have the possibility to submit transport-related documents and certifications as well (such as light or heavy equipment operator, forklift operator etc.) The submission of these documents are optional, they can serve as an advantage if these documents are required by the client for loading.

Data recording and card handover

All of your personal data and required documents will be uploaded directly to the online database. In case of successful registration, you will be provided by a DiDb card protected by PIN code. This card can’t be used for identification and loading until your membership’s approval, that will take max. 2 hours and will be made by SECTRAN head office. By checking your DiDb card at the place of loading, system messages will be generated automatically by the online application, providing transparent messages to the operators about the status of your registration process.
Your profile can’t be viewed by the operator until approval made by SECTRAN.

Background check and application assessment

We perform the background check of the uploaded documents and data, as well as the assessment of the application in the central office of SECTRAN.

Complete registration applications submitted on weekdays, between 8:00 and 16:00 will be processed within a maximum of 2 hours.

The driver will be notified of the decision via the mobile phone that was provided during the registration process.

The DiDb card is only suitable for loading if the registration application has been approved by our central office, however, the driver will also receive an SMS notification if his / her registration application is rejected on the basis of the submitted documents and data. In this case, the driver does not have the possibility for loading the cargo within the DiDb system.


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