Driver Intelligence Database

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Registration options & fee

If you want to become a DiDb member, you can submit your registration application in person at any DiDb registration office or at the following registration points:








For whom?



Additional info
Opening hours



Physical card fee
Mobile app | E-card fee




SECTRAN operated

DiDb registration office

All drivers



75 EUR + VAT
46 EUR + VAT

In cash
By credit card - if available
Post-paid - by carrier, if agreed so

Guard service operated


Drivers transporting shipments from SONY/Nitra (SK)

registrations are carried out by the guard service at the on-site entry point;
open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


75 EUR + VAT


Post-paid - by carrier


Carrier operated


Drivers, whose employer has contracted for e-registration services with SECTRAN

Please ask your employer,
or contact us on


50 EUR + VAT
32 EUR + VAT


Post-paid - by carrier


If the employer pays for the service, please have a company stamp with you. Failing this, a Company Information Form must be completed on site, which will require the company's name, email address, telephone number, tax number and contact data.


Registration requirements

Driving license

The documents to be uploaded can not be expired and min. one must be valid for more than 31 days.

Personal ID card or passport

The documents to be uploaded can not be expired and min. one must be valid for more than 31 days.

Certificate of conduct

With an issue date not older than 3 months.


High-resolution, portrait-type photo, which will be made and uploaded during the registration process

Membership Declaration

Signing at the registration site or acceptance in the mobile application.

Information on Data Control

Signing at the registration site or acceptance in the mobile application.


The administration takes approx 15 minutes. Submission of Certificate of Conduct during the registration is not obligatory, it can be also submitted later. Please note that the assessment process of your application will be started only if the certificate has been submitted.


Application Assessment

Overview and steps on application assessment made by SECTRAN head office


Data and docs uploading

All personal data and required documents are uploaded by the registrants directly to DiDb online application

Card issuance

You can pick up your physical card immediately at the place of registration, except in the case of carrier registration, in that case you can only pick up the card in person at the Sectran registration offices. A faster and more convenient solution is to choose a mobile application registration and the e-card, which you can activate in your own Sectran DiDb mobile application immediately after registration.

Application assessment

Background check and verification of all uploaded data and documents is made by SECTRAN head office. Please note that you will be allowed to load the cargo at partner using DiDb system, only if your application is accepted and your membership is approved!

Notification on decision in SMS

You will be notified on decision about the approval or refusal of your application in SMS sent to your mobile phone which was provided during the registration process. In case of approval, your DiDb membership will be changed to ”Approved” automatically.


Completed registration applications submitted on weekdays 8:00-17:30 (on Fridays 8:00 to 16:00) are processed within 2 hours.